Sunday, December 31, 2006

Political Grab Bag

I originally created this blog to try to cut though the confusion of the news but lately I have gotten interested in artificial intelligence. So what I am going to do is create kind of a free for all thread where you can respond to one of the threads I started on another form. When I have time to put together a more focused topic, I will. The purpose of this thread is to keep track of some discussions I found interesting and see what political topics readers here might be interested in. Hopefully this thread will act as raw material for a better researched thesis.

Taxation World Wide , s243a

Zionism and Anti-Semitism ,s243a

Ethiopia declares war against Somali militants ,s243a

Wars Are Won in the Media ,s243a

Yes, Oil from Venezuela , B_cat

Einstein and Zionism ,s243a

Oh Glories After life [8-)] ,s243a

Zionism, anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism , Jeffusa

Religion and Control , s243a

Mahmoud Abbas , s243a

US prison population largest in the world!! , kuzadd

Fact Checking Glen Beck ,s243a

The Party Line, Lenin & Political Correctness , s243a

"Give me Liberty or Give Me Death", Patrick Henry , s243a

Biblical Violence ,s243a

Biblical Justification to fight Tyranny , s243a

Chavez Buys Himself An Election , s243a

First Muslim congressman elected , s243a

Perpetuating The Belief Woman are Victims, s243a

Liberals get Free Pass on Environment , keepitsimple

Fuzzy Logic and Data Mining , s243a

Global Warming - How Science Should Work , keepitsimple

Global Warming - Best News Yet , sneaky

Smoking is More Dangerous then Afghanistan , s243a

Pride Vs Political Correctness , s243a

Excommunication ,s243a

Is the CBC Sexist? , s243a

CPC Will Table Bill to Control Dangerous Chemicals , s243a

Science vs the way products are sold , keepitsimple

Crossing the Floor , DarthHarper

global warming, big oil and Christmas! , biopiracy

Cdn University To Ban Pro Life Groups , jjfoxy

The Biggest Divider , s243a

Kyoto: 20 Billion , sneaky

Anti-Harper Bias , OakvillePC

France Vs Canada (CO2, Economy, population) , s243a

Clean Air Act, Have you read it? , s243a

If Belinda leaves politics... , kwlafayette

Are many Environmentalist Sexist? , s243a

alph Klein: Just another chauvinist Conservative , tbud

Solar Forcing of Climate , sneaky

Alberta Oil Industry doing its part , sneaky

The Cost of Being GREEN , DFCaper

Clean Air Act - A good Start , keepitsimple

who wants to get chipped ? , PollyNewbie

CIA Mind control , s243a

PollyNewby's Anti-American Post , s243a

Pray 5 Times a Day or Lose your Head, scribblet


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